According to Energy Star, the annual average energy bill for a single-family home is $2,060.

The Energy Star program is a joint effort of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to help consumers save money while protecting the environment through energy-efficient products and practices. Energy-efficient choices can save about one-third of your energy bill with similar greenhouse gas emissions savings without sacrificing features, style, or comfort. Visit the Energy Star website for a list of approved products:


While many products can be implemented into your home to reduce energy costs, there are other, simple energy-saving measures you can take without making additional purchases. The following are easy steps you can do yourself to help save energy throughout the year.

General Energy Saving Tips:

  1. Have your system maintained annually by a qualified technician.
  2. Inspect, clean, or replace your filters monthly.
  3. Don’t block your registers or vents.
  4. Install a smart, wi-fi enabled or programmable thermostat that should be installed on an inside wall away from drafts and heat sources.
  5. Ductwork should be sealed and insulated.
  6. When buying a new system, make sure it is Energy Star rated and sized to meet your home’s requirements.


You can gain additional energy savings by zoning your HVAC system. HVAC Zoning provides the opportunity to customize the operation of a heating & cooling system and control the amount of air distributed through the duct. Dividing your home into so-called zones (areas with their own thermostats) will allow for controlled airflow, meaning a zone in your home will only receive as much cooling or heating as it requires. Once the pre-set temperature in a zone is achieved, conditioning will stop resulting in a more efficient operation of your HVAC system and energy savings. You can achieve further energy savings by adding an economizer to take advantage of cool outdoor temperatures by cooling with fresh air. The Arzel® Coolmizer can be installed in addition to an Arzel® Zoning system or as a standalone economizer introducing fresh air into your home when outdoor conditions are favorable. To learn more about how the Arzel® Coolmizer works and its energy savings benefits, read our blog post on how the Coolmizer provides free air conditioning while improving your indoor air quality by clicking here. Additionally, for a limited time only, receive a $100 VISA gift card with your purchase of an Arzel® CoolMizer. Click here to learn more about our Spring fresh air promotion.