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There are several reasons why the temperature in your house may vary, including: insufficient insulation, faulty air vents, clogged air ducts, oversized AC systems, inefficient windows, and closed air vents.

There are a few things that you can do to even out the temperature in your home, including: cleaning air ducts, adjusting air vents, and installing insulation. Here at Arzel Comfort, we recommend installing a zoning system.

If your room is hotter than the outside, it’s possible that it has poor ventilation. South-facing and upstairs rooms tend to heat up more. Without proper ventilation, these rooms will often stay warmer than other rooms.

Bad air flow, corrupt sensors, and broken HVAC parts can cause inaccurate thermostat readings.

With zoning, you have the ability to control the delivery of heating and cooling to different areas (zones) in your home. With the use of dampers that are installed in your home’s ductwork, and thermostats placed in each zone, you are easily able to regulate air temperature throughout your home.

Installing dampers inside your home’s ductwork will add zones to an existing system. These dampers regulate and redirect air to specific areas (zones) of the home, which allows for customized temperatures throughout the home.

A damper is a movable plate, or valve, that is installed in the ductwork. Dampers have the ability to regulate airflow and redirect air by opening or closing and either allowing or restricting airflow to specific areas of the home that you wish to heat/cool more than others.

Do you experience areas in your home that are either too hot or too cold? Or, maybe you have rooms in your home that aren’t used as much as others. It’s time to start saving money by heating/cooling only the rooms you use! As long as your home has access to ductwork – we can handle the rest!

Yes! Any home new or old can qualify for zoning. All we need is access to ductwork!

Yes, zoning allows you to control the temperature of different areas of your home, which gives you the ability to control the amount of energy you are using! According to the U.S Department of Energy, zoning can save homeowners up to 30 percent on a typical heating and cooling bill if used in energy saving patterns.

With Arzel Zoning, you have an individual thermostat in each zoned area of your home. Meaning, you are able to customize the temperature of each zone! To make things even easier, Arzel products work with any standard 24-volt thermostat, as well as common smart home thermostats.

No! Closing the registers in your home actually leads to higher energy costs. It can also lead to bacteria growth and damage to your HVAC system – and even risk dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning.

Do you control lights in your home with one light switch? How about running all the faucets with one handle? No? It’s the same with HVAC zoning! Each one of these elements is customized by their own switches, handles, etc. to save on the amount of energy it would take keeping each one on during all hours of the day. Start saving on the amount of energy you use to heat/cool your home, and enjoy the ability to customize your home with individual thermostats.

The cost of zoning is mainly determined by the size of your home and how many zoned areas your home that you want to include. To learn more about what Arzel Zoning solutions can provide for you schedule a consultation with one of our contractors and visit our contractor locator today!

Our experienced and trained contractors can help answer any questions that you have, and walk you through the process of installing Arzel zoning in your home! Finding a contractor near you is easy – click this link today!

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