Our Solution

Our Solution

The Arzel Advantage:

For 40 years, Arzel has been manufacturing and distributing the highest quality HVAC zoning equipment from our factory in Cleveland, Ohio, all made in the USA. Our products offer superior quality and reliability, ease of installation, lifetime warranty and the industry’s ONLY buy-back satisfaction guarantee.

While some try to sell an extra HVAC system or room-specific “split” air control units, Arzel does away with all that extra expense and equipment with a more advanced, proven and worry-free zoning system.

Arzel Zoning is a simple, common sense approach to home comfort. And we’re appreciated by our customers for a zoning product that finally works!

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Universal Compatibility with Smart Homes and Existing Ductwork

Arzel Zoning systems use a medical-grade pump that pushes and controls air through pneumatic pressure. Our systems are compatible with any standard 24-volt thermostat, including most smart home thermostats. Arzel custom-fit dampers can accommodate most ductwork sizes and configurations. Best of all, as a pneumatic technology we don’t need to use electric motors to move dampers that make noise or vibrations.

Easy for Every Contractor to Install

Contractors know that when installing an Arzel system, they’re in for a quick and easy installation with less mess than motorized damper or mini-split systems. Arzel Zoning systems can be installed typically in one day. Everything your contractor needs is always in stock, and – because our products are American-made and close to home – custom orders can typically be filled in just 24 hours.