What is Zoning?

What is HVAC Zoning?

Residential HVAC Zoning

Everyone’s comfort level is different, and every part of the house is different. One area of your home always seems to be too hot or too cold, depending on where it’s located. What’s comfortable in the upstairs bedroom won’t work in the downstairs home office.

Just setting the same temperature to every room won’t work, nor will raising and lowering temperatures to try to find the ideal setting for every room and every person.

Zoning finally solves all that. Zoning is the controlled delivery of heating and cooling to different areas (zones) in your home or business. Different areas of your home can be easily and simply controlled to match your comfort, or to save money in any un-used areas of your home. Set your thermostat once, and now you’re all set! No more up-and-down thermostat cycles.

Who is it for? 

People might imagine that only larger homes can benefit from HVAC zoning. But HVAC zoning can supply any size home with a way to customize the temperature in different rooms and to realize energy efficiency.  

Different life stages or life events point out the advantages of HVAC zoning for greater comfort or temperature control, such as:   

  • Empty nesters  
  • Parents of college-aged students 
  • Families with mixed generations 
  • Hybrid office workers 
  • Pet parents 
  • Families with a newborn baby 

Or did you want locations? (i.e., You might want to consider HVAC zoning if you have a: ) 

  • Multi-level home 
  • Sunroom or other warmer room 
  • Homes with a large bank of windows 
  • Guest rooms 
  • Home office or hybrid work situations 
  • Attached workroom or garage 
  • Basement living or entertainment area 

Zoning vs. Other traditional methods 

HVAC zoning establishes zones or areas within the home that each have their own thermostat. These individual thermostats allow for temperature control which isn’t possible with traditional HVAC systems. However, those are limited to a single thermostat that tries to set a single temperature for an entire building.  

The HVAC zoning allows for:  

  • Independent zone control for temperature 
  • Increased comfort  
  • Greater energy control 
  • Enhanced energy efficiencies 
  • Longer lifespan expectancy for HVAC unit 
Living room HVAC zone
Living room HVAC zone
Bedroom HVAC Zoning
Bedroom HVAC Zoning

Does Your Home Qualify for Zoning?

Most homes or offices benefit from the control and energy savings zoning provides, bringing you invisible, quiet, forever-comfort everywhere in your forever home.

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