How Many Temperature Zones Do You Need?

Optimizing your HVAC system with zoning

What is a temperature zone?

A temperature zone is an area of your home that gets its own thermostat for precise temperature control. A zone could be one large room, an open area, or a few different rooms that have the same comfort needs.

Many homeowners create a zone for each floor of their home, to fix the temperature difference between them. Some homeowners create a zone in their common areas that are used during the day, and a separate zone for the bedrooms, which are only used at night. In this arrangement, they can avoid unnecessary heating and cooling when no one is using an area.

How can I get this kind of comfort?

The first step is to find a professional HVAC contractor. The contractor will evaluate your home and work with you to design a zoning system that fits your needs.

If you already have an HVAC contractor you trust, give them a call and ask about Arzel Zoning! If you’re looking for a new contractor, check our Contractor Locator to find one in your area.

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