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What is Zoning?

Is your upstairs bedroom too hot to sleep, while the nursery or office downstairs is too cold? Comfort zoning makes every room just right and avoids “over-conditioning” some rooms over others. But just what is zoning? Will zoning work for you? Watch this video to learn more.

What are the Benefits of Arzel Zoning?

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Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Very reliable system!

Ernie Chanyi

They work great no more hot upstairs!!

Dale Eddings

I wish the zone system was installed when the house was built!

Jared Miller

There is no better system for total home HVAC comfort.

Brett Bolan

Great product. I have 3 zones that are exactly the temperature we want. No hot or cold areas!

Bill Kost

Keeping it clean, even at my own home. Best product out there!

Richard Griner III

The best product for total in home comfort on the market!

Richard Griner III

Only Arzel offers our Comfort Pledge to buy back your zoning system if you’re not satisfied.

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How your Home Design & Orientation affect your comfort
Did you know that newer home design features can cause uneven heating and cooling or make it challenging to condition areas appropriately? Read on to find out how the design and orientation of your home can significantly affect the comfort you experience from your heating and cooling or HVAC system.
Will Zoning Help YOUR Home?
Learn whether zoning makes sense for comfort and energy savings for your home.