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Why is one room’s temperature so different from all the others?

Rooms can vary in temperature due to sun exposure, insulation, and duct layout.

Traditional HVAC systems operate on a single thermostat, meaning it heats or cools on that one area's temperature.

Zoning solutions allow you to control the temperature of each zone independently, mitigating these differences.

What is Zoning?

Zoning divides a home into different areas or "zones", each with independent temperature control.

Each zone has a thermostat that controls dampers in the ductwork, which regulates airflow to the zone.

This allows for precise control over the temperature in individual areas, improving comfort and energy efficiency.

Why should I use Zoning?

Increased Comfort

Zoning offers personalized temperature control for each area or room in the home.

Energy Efficiency

Zoning can significantly reduce energy consumption by only heating or cooling the zones in use.

Less HVAC Equipment

Less strain is put on the HVAC system as it doesn't have to work to heat or cool unused areas.


Arzel's zoning solution can use your existing HVAC equipment and enable multiple thermostats throughout your home.

Why Arzel?

Lifetime Warranty & No Maintenance

Arzel products require zero maintenance because of our air driven dampers. That’s why we can offer a Lifetime Warranty.

100% Comfort Guarantee

Our comfort guarantee states that if the homeowner is unsatisfied with their Arzel® system after it’s been installed and running for one year, Arzel will buy the materials back from the installing contractor.

Made in the USA

Arzel Zoning products have been manufactured in the USA for 40 years.

What are the expectations?

Initial Consultation

A professional contractor will assess your home’s layout and identify optimal zones.

System Installation

Control panel and dampers will be installed without modifying anything in your ductwork.


Separate thermostats are installed for each zone.

Minimal Disruption

Arzel products use your existing ductwork without cutting sections like our competitors to seamlessly enhance your home's comfort without any noticable alterations.

After the installation, how do I use it?

Individual Control

Each zone has a thermostat, allowing you to set the desired temperature for each area. The system will then automatically regulate airflow to maintain set temperatures.


Many modern thermostats give you the option to use an app to adjust your thermostat. You can use these in multiple zones with Arzel.

Be Delighted

After setting your thermostats to your preferred temperatures, you’ll immediately experience the benefits of Arzel’s zoning system. It's as simple as that.

Are there any other benefits to installing Zoning?

Increased Property Value

A zoning system is a sought-after feature that can increase your home’s value.


Zoning allows for adaptability as your needs change, whether that’s a new home office or changes in occupancy.

Environmentally Friendly

Reduced energy consumption contributes to lower carbon emissions.

Other Options

Compared to the competition, Arzel Zoning doesn’t add unsightly equipment to your home, and doesn’t increase electrical consumption.

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