Cool with Crisp Fall Air: How the Arzel CoolMizer Provides Free Air Conditioning While Improving Air Quality

Fall is officially here, and many wonder if it’s time to give the air conditioning a break and cool their homes by opening windows. Sometimes the air inside your home can get uncomfortable and stale, and all you want to do is bring that crisp fresh air indoors.

While this sounds great, it sometimes isn’t just as easy as opening a window. Still facing the challenges of the COVID pandemic, and now the allergy season means that opening a window to get cool can come with a host of other problems. Humidity and outside allergens and pollen can often negatively affect your health and quality of life, even if you do not have apparent allergies.

Many turn on their air conditioning systems, which can quickly drive up energy costs. Not to mention, you’re recirculating stale inside air, so dust and other means of indoor air contaminants are often still present.

There’s a better solution. With the Arzel CoolMizer economizer, you can solve your indoor air quality problems with a single product, allowing you to bring in fresh outside air in a controlled and safe manner.

Problems with Standard Ventilation and Air Conditioning Methods

Pollen and outside allergens are an issue for many of us, even if we never open a window. Whenever you open a door or come in from outside, the breeze will carry outdoor pollutants indoors, along with any dust or pollen on your clothes. These allergens can lead to several problems, including:

  • Sneezing
  • Itchy eyes
  • Coughing
  • Congested airways

Since keeping these allergens out is often not feasible, the only way to mitigate their effects is by removing them through proper ventilation and filtering methods. Indoor air can also get stagnant and is more prone to hold COVID-10 contaminants. The best way to achieve allergen and virus-free air is to dilute it with the appropriate ventilation with fresh air.


What is the Arzel CoolMizer?

The Arzel CoolMizer is a standalone ventilation control system that operates as an intelligent, fresh air intake system to improve indoor air quality while offering energy-efficient cooling. First, of its kind, the CoolMizer is a turn-key ventilation control system that your local zoning contractor can install in as little as one day. Hidden in your basement along with your HVAC unit, you don’t have to worry about making room for it in your living area or the frequent maintenance and mold potential that comes along with other units. It’s a quiet and invisible comfort solution that allows fresh air to go through your ductwork!

The CoolMizer works by taking a portion of the air from the outside and bringing it indoors while diluting and expelling volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors, dust, and various other indoor pollutants and allergens through a filter rated MERV-12 or higher. It essentially lets you get all of the benefits of fresh outside air while mitigating any risks.

How Can the CoolMizer Help Me?

The CoolMizer offers several benefits for both residential homes and commercial spaces. These include:

Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning

The Arzel CoolMizer can offer completely FREE air conditioning based on external conditions for the energy- and cost-conscious individual. The CoolMizer uses ultra-reliable air-driven dampers to provide free cooling or heating when outdoor conditions permit. These unique dual-function dampers can either pull in a smaller amount of fresh air or draw in a more significant amount of cold air, which leads to free heating and cooling. It is far more efficient to bring in the cooler outside air than waste energy on mechanical cooling during the lower temperatures. When necessary, the CoolMizer will use mechanical cooling systems on a low operating mode to “assist” the outside air, provided your system has the existing capabilities.

Air Quality Control

When installed with a specific filter to address your unique air quality needs and regulations, the CoolMizer can improve indoor air quality. Filter options include the MERV-12 filter or higher, which helps reduce any lingering bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19.

Enhanced Versatility and Flexibility

The CoolMizer works as an economizer for split-system, forced air, heating/cooling units as a standalone unit. You can use it with or without zoning your home, allowing users to improve indoor comfort and air quality to whatever level they desire.

Improve Your Indoor Space with Arzel Zoning

In addition to the CoolMizer, Arzel Zoning offers the highest quality HVAC zoning equipment for improved indoor living. All products are reliable, easy for a contractor to install and come with an industry-first lifetime warranty.

Whether you’re looking to try out the CoolMizer or one of our zoning solutions, our experts can help optimize your indoor air system, offering enhanced comfort, energy savings, and safety. We’ll help you save money and energy by implementing strategic, “put air only where you want it” heating or cooling solutions and eliminating expensive and potentially dangerous portable heaters, fans, and window A/C units.

Want to know more about how Arzel Zoning can improve your quality of life indoors? Contact a local zoning professional today!

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